I am a Graphic Information Technology student at Arizona State University's online program and will graduate in December of 2022, Summa Cum Lade. 

Currently, I am a UI Designer for Resilience, Inc.  They create online curriculums for K-12 schools to teach Social Emotional Learning skills. For them, I design mock-ups for their apps and websites and check them for usability issues.

I stumbled upon UX/UI through my coursework and fell in 

love. In my everyday life, I love researching anything and everything I can. In Graphic Design, we always made creative briefs and tried to solve a problem, but UX just digs deeper. I feel like whenever we can do immense amounts of research about the client and their users, there is so much more information to supply a really well-designed experience that caters to the user's needs.


I also love the idea that there is so much team effort that goes into the whole process. What I design and develop with my team, a developer will code, and the user will interact with. It's really cool!

My UX philosophy is to apply what users already know from existing websites to lower their cognitive load, as well as make the design beautifully usable. I always keep my parents and grandparents in mind and ask myself if they would be able to navigate the interface to find what they need without frustration.

I'm hoping to work on projects that make a positive impact on the world. At the beginning of my college career, I had a professor say that if we get a chance to work for a company or on a project that is doing good in the world... to take it. The work is so much more rewarding. I took this to heart as I always wanted to make a difference, but wasn't really sure how. I realized this was my opportunity and have now made it my mission to do impactful work.

Thanks so much,