Pattie's Food Truck (2).png

Pattie's Food Truck 

Pattie’s was a new food truck restaurant in need of a logo and a website to help get their business up and running. 
Pattie’s featured dishes were burgers, and the owners had a strong Irish heritage, and I wanted to incorporate that into the design. The logo was crafted as a burger with a shamrock to represent those ideals and play on the “Pattie’s” name. The colors and font were chosen to be colorful and fun, reminiscent of an old 50s diner, and easy to spot from a distance on the side of the truck. 


Those themes were carried through the website design as well. The wooden background for each menu page was chosen to reflect the rustic wooden tables that Pattie’s sets out for their customers to dine at.


The homepage highlights an automatic slide show of featured dishes, current locations, and upcoming specials and events. Fun graphics were placed here and throughout the website, as they are on the menu and food truck.


The menu pages have thumbnail images of the dishes on the right and when selected are featured on the left with additional information. The categories were placed in order because that's how they are on the paper menus. The photos were also selected from the featured items from each section of the paper menus.

The locations page features the upcoming dates and spots where the truck will be. Each location is clickable and shows up on the map with a red drop pin and the food truck graphic next to it, once selected. 

The contact page features Pattie's email and phone number with a link to find upcoming locations as well. There is also an area for a customer to send a message.